FISclear Microemulsions


FISclear emulsions are a line of transparent, stable micro-emulsion colors.  They rely on state-of-the-art GMO-free emulsifiers and proprietary processing techniques to produce emulsions with particle sizes in the 30-100 nm range for unparalleled clarity, stability and shelf life.  At this particle size range, emulsions are often stable for years and can even be used in some applications which have proven problematic in the past, such as alcoholic beverages.

 The initial color and extract product line includes astaxanthin, ß-carotene (natural and nature identical), apo-carotenal, carrot oil, lycopene, palm carotene and paprika micro-emulsions.  These colors and extracts provide a wide range of shades from pale to greenish yellow, through various peaches and oranges and pinks, to a rich, deep red and are ideal for use in beverages, clear confections and other water-based systems.

Although the preliminary product lines have colors, extracts and folded flavor oils as individual products, Food Ingredient Solutions can offer color/flavor/extract combinations to suit individual customer requests, such as a folded orange oil together with a transparent natural orange color.

Food Ingredient Solutions anticipates both increasing the array of standard emulsified colors, flavors and extracts, and working with customers to develop stable, transparent variants of oil soluble nutritional actives.

 In anticipation of increased emulsion sales with this new product line, Food Ingredient Solutions is more than tripling emulsification capacity at its Teterboro, New Jersey plant.  The company has also invested in a Malvern Zetasizer to ensure shade and emulsion stability are tightly controlled in FISclearemulsions.

All FISclear™ emulsions are kosher or halal, or certifiable as such. 


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