Annatto Tocotrienols

Description and composition:

A natural product extracted from annatto seeds (Bixa orellana L.) non novel material consumed by people in several tropical areas since ancient times. The extract contains very high amount of tocotrienols, natural antioxidant compounds that are similar in structure and function to E vitamin. It naturally has eight different forms of isomers, four tocopherols and four tocotrienols, being the last the most effective. 

According to studies, only about 20 % to 40 % of the intake of E Vitamin in food is absorbed; this will depend on the body's ability to digest and absorb lipids. For this reason, it is usually sold as a supplement in the form of alpha tocopherol acetate; however this synthetic form has less activity compared to the natural form. Also, data published in scientific journals and available in different Web sites indicate that the consumption of small amounts of tocotrienols leads to the following health effects: 


GMO free according to European Guideline 2003/1829/EC and 2003/1830/EC. 


Annatto seed oil
EC Code: E 160b
INS 160b    

Analytical quality:


Appearance : Liquid
Color : Dark Yellow




Specific Gravity : 0,900 -  0,980 @ 20 ºC 
Heavy Metals (as Pb)*  : No more than 20 ppm 
Lead (Pb)* : No more than 2 ppm 
Mercury (Hg)* : No more than 1 ppm 
Cadmium(Cd)* : No more than 1 ppm 
Arsenic (As)* : No more than 1 ppm







Total plate count*  : No more than 1000 cfu/g
Molds*  : No more than 100 cfu/g 
Yeasts*  : No more than 100 cfu/g 
Salmonella*  : Negative/25 g 
E. coli*  : <3 MPN/g 
Total Coliforms*  : <3 MPN/g  






* Analyzed according to our internal monitoring plan     

Nutritional Information: 

The product’s nutritional value is not considerable as it is supposed to be used in low doses.   

Application, dosage and instructions for use:

This product can be used as a nutraceutical ingredient.

Functionality and stability of final product with temperature, pH, light, etc. must be evaluated practically by the costumer for each application.  


The stability depends on the handling and storing of the product. Best before 24 months in original closed container at recommended storage conditions.  


Storage and distribution:

Hermetically sealed containers in a cool and dry, best below 30 ºC, protected from sunlight.